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Stand & Fill™ Testimonials: 

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"This is going on my third season with my 600lb stand and fill feeder. It runs year around, it's the best feeder I have ever owned. If your in need of a new feeder this year folks, you won't be disappointed." - Jerry Culpepper

"My 600 lb Stand and Fill went underwater twice in the past month due to the recent flooding. Nothing a power wash didn't fix. No rust, no issues at all. Built like a rock." - Cable Smith

ALL SEASONS has the BEST customer service. I have 3 of the 600# Stand n Fill feeders. One of the varmint gates broke due to a failed weld on the hinge on a unit that was only 4 months old, but it was full of corn when the failure occurred. I contacted the company and they made arrangements for me to take it to a local dealer once the unit was empty and switch it out for a brand new unit. I was able to wait 2.5 months and then get it replaced, so that I didn't have to try and empty 600 pounds of corn. Best company ever!!! -Craig Copeland


All Seasons Broadcast Feeder Testimonial:

 "I just wanted to say thank you for making amazing products. I am from Georgia and we have just started to see a change in our local laws allowing us to really take full advantage of spreaders year round. I visited friends in San Antonio recently who swear by your products so I bought three of your 600 lb aluminum feeders. I must say that the ease of set up, durability and quality is unmatched by anything here in the south. I hope you find your way into my backyard, but until then I will tell everyone about your products and how amazing the are. Keep up the great work!" - Brian Oliver 


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