In the market for a new protein feeder? Check out our 600lb Electric Protein Stand & Fill® feeder!

  • 3,000lb Combo Feeder
  • 3,000lb Combo Feeder
3,000lb Combo Feeder

3,000lb Combo Feeder

$ 1,699.00



SKU: 765665103618

The All Seasons Feeders 3,000lb combo feeder, combines the functions of a broadcast feeder and protein feeder into one unit! Use this feeder to eliminate 2 feed stations or to attract stubborn animals to protein. Holds approximately 700lb corn and the rest is protein.

  • Feed corn or protein at the same time, or one at a time
  • Corn is broadcast from control unit under the hopper
  • Protein is fed through the Pro Evo head
  • Eliminator Spinner plate
  • "The Timer"
  • Battery Included

Made in Texas.

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