Get Some Smoke On Those Ribs

For pork ribs, I usually like a sweet wood but almost any wood is great with them. I prefer the following wood or pellets for smoking pork ribs.

Peach – Apple – Cherry – Hickory – Maple – Oak – Mesquite – Pecan

Peach wood is probably my favorite but I love hickory and mesquite too. Sometimes it just depends what I have around at the time and what mood I’m in.

If you’ve wanted to try out smoking some ribs, now is your time. But don’t just strive for any ribs, go far mouth-watering & fall off the bone ribs. One of the easiest methods to create ribs like that is the 3-2-1 method.

*3 hours of smoke at low temperature

*2 hours of wrapping with liquid, butter and brown sugar

*1 hour with sauce

Below is a link to a great tutorial you could follow to make your ribs on your favorite ASF Smoker or ASF Pellet Grill.

3-2-1 Ribs – How To – Hey Grill Hey

There lot of ways to make delicious ribs to match different tastes. We found a few more recipes from HEB that might fit your taste or timeline better.

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