About ASF

All Seasons Feeders headquarters

In the late 1980s a full-time businessman and a part time hunter was inspired by an opportunity to hunt the rugged terrain of a small town in Mexico.

Knowing feeder maintenance would be difficult, Burnell Gates set out to develop a feeder that would feed "all season long." With this goal in mind, Gates soon designed the first 800-pound broadcast feeder.

This feeder was larger than any on the market at the time. Gates soon noticed an increasing interest in his creation and his hobby evolved into a growing business. The original goal to create a feeder that would feed "all season long" birthed the name of a company that too would withstand the elements.

With that All Seasons Feeders was born.

From the feeder to the timer, Gates designed it all. Not having the means to build the intricate mechanical parts used in timers, he would purchase the electrical components from an electronics warehouse. He and his secretary then would spend countless hours assembling the timers on a picnic table outside his office.

 For five years All Seasons Feeders remained the best-kept secret in the sport of hunting. In 1994 with a tremendous workload Burnell Gates realized "it was time for this company to stand on its own." Construction began at 8424 U.S Hwy 87 E. and Chris Traugott was brought on as general manager.

Times have changed and so too has All Seasons Feeders. While timers are no longer assembled on Gates' picnic table, we still build all of our feeders and now BBQ Pits right here in San Antonio Texas. 

With a full time staff of 70 employees and a founder who is continuously trying to "create a better mouse trap," All Seasons Feeders will continue to serve the evolving needs of hunters and outdoorsmen for years to come.