Common Questions

My Feeder isn't working...

 Click here for troubleshooting tips:


How do I set my…

CONTROL UNIT - Click this link for video instructions on how to connect your control unit parts:

THE TIMER - Instructions can be found on the back of THE TIMER or you can download instructions by clicking this link:

ASF TIMER - Instructions can be found on the back of the ASF timer, or you can watch video instructions on how to set it by clicking this link:

THE REMOTE - Instructions for THE REMOTE can be found here:

INHAWGNITO - Click this link to view setup instructions:

HOG TRAP - Click this link to download instructions: or to view video instructions on how to set your ASF hog trap:

BOXED STAND & FILL - Click this link to view the video instructions on how to set up your boxed Stand & Fill®

SEASON YOUR ASF BBQ PIT - Wipe the entire inside and outside of your pit with canola oil, using a spray bottle makes it easier to douse the pit in oil. For extra seasoning, spread fat trimmings and onions out on the grill prior to lighting the fire. Light a fire in your pit and let it smoke at 250-350 degrees for 4 hours. 

CLEANING YOUR ASF BBQ PIT - After each use, let pit cool down completely, then pull out your easy clean ash tray and dispose of ashes. Store pit in covered area, or purchase a cover, to ensure the longevity of the pit. 


What is the warranty on my...

ELECTRONICS & PARTS  -  Most of the electronics we sell will have a 1-5 year warranty. Any ASF brand timer (ASF digital timer, Feedsync Timer, and tactical timer) will have a 1 year warranty. The-Timer has a 5 year warranty. Any Hog Light or Predator light will have a 1 year warranty. Solar panels and motors have a 1 year warranty. The eliminator spinner plate has a 5 year warranty. If you need more clarity on your products warranty, give us a call at 210-648-0979!

WILDLIFE FEEDER - Your feeder timer (THE TIMER) comes with a 5 year warranty while the motor and solar panel have a 1 year warranty. As for the feeder unit itself, we build everything to last, and we expect that it will. If there is ever issues that arise due to something that went wrong in production, contact us. We will make it right. With a little maintenance, your feeder can last a lifetime, so proper care can go a long way in preserving the life of your feeder. If you have purchased a heavy metal (green) feeder, each year it is recommended that you check for any rust, and upon finding any, we recommend that you scrub it off, and use touch up paint over the scrubbed area. Rust is an unavoidable side effect of metal and moisture. By scrubbing rust off and painting over it, you are giving the metal a new layer of skin which will slow up the decay process. This is a must if you want to enjoy your feeder for years to come. If you are in areas where moisture is constant (ie. coastal areas) it is suggested that you purchase the galvanized feeders (silver). The galvanizing process dramatically extends the life of metal when it is in contact with moisture. Any of our feeders can be purchased in galvanized, so if you don't see that option, just ask!

BBQ PIT or FIRE PIT - We build everything to last, so if there is ever an issue with the construction of your pit, or you feel like something isn't right, contact us. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase, so we will do what we can to make sure that happens. However, the life of your pit is very much dependent on how well you take care of it. Rust is unavoidable when you are dealing with metal and moisture, so it is very important to keep your pit covered and that you treat rust as you see it appear. Keeping the pit covered when it is not in use will prevent added moisture sitting on the metal. We sell covers for all of our pits, but a simple tarp will even do the trick. In the event that you start to notice rust, is it recommended that you scrub the rust away and use touch up high heat paint to protect the area after scrubbing it. This will stop the corrosion. Only use paint on the outside of your pit, do not ever use paint on the inside of your cooking chambers. 

DEER BLINDS - 10 year manufactureres warranty when purchased from ASF or an official ASF dealer.