Preparation is Key for a Successful Deer Season!

         It won’t be long before a cool breeze fills the air and deer hunting season in Texas will be back in full swing. If you’re like us, you’ve been awaiting the commencement of this year’s hunting season since last year’s came to a screeching halt. With much anticipation and emotion riding on just a few months out of the year, it makes sense to ensure that the only things left to chance when opening day arrives are variables that only Mother Nature can control. This means making sure your deer feeder is working properly before the season, so you aren’t stuck in the blind wishing your dream whitetail deer will magically appear. 
deer feeder repair kit, hunting season 
         A lot of effort goes into deer hunting season preparation, and if you haven’t started getting ready for this year, then it’s time to kick it into high gear.  One of the most important aspects of preseason prep is deer feeder maintenance. No matter if your deer feeder is old or new, it’s important to make sure it’s working properly before opening day of deer season.
         All Seasons Feeders has some excellent new products that will make deer feeder maintenance  a quick and efficient process. That way your time in the brutal heat is limited and you can rest assured, knowing that each deer feeder will perform flawlessly when it’s time to crawl into the blind.
         The ASF Deer Feeder Repair Kit has got everything you’ll need to repair a deer feeder in one convenient tool box.  From deer feeder lid springs and hooks with bolts, to all the items needed to completely redo the electrical fittings between the deer feeder battery, motor, and solar panel, this kit has it all.  It also comes with a volt meter for assessing the state of batteries and solar panels.  Self tapping screws are included as well, just in case pesky varmints have ripped the solar panel from where it was originally mounted. 
ASF Deer Feeder Repair Kit
Deer feeder repair kit volt reader
         Keeping the deer feeder repair kit handy is great way to prevent headaches and unwanted stress during the deer hunting season.  Whether you’ve got some corroded electrical connectors or simply lost a wing nut somewhere along the way, the ASF Deer Feeder Repair Kit will get your deer feeder back up and running in minutes. Head over to your local ASF dealer to pick one up before Texas Hunting season, or shop online at
Blog contribution by: Nate Skinner