Hurricane Harvey - Giving back to help our fellow Texans

Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas coast weeks ago, and we all sat by helpless as he blazed his path through our beloved Texas coastline. Once the rains and winds subsided, the shock and devastation set in. People began moving quickly to salvage what they could and begin picking up the pieces, and we here at All Seasons Feeders® knew we wanted to do our part to help those who had lost so much.

Monday, after the storm had cleared, we decided to announce our location here in San Antonio Texas as a donation drop off point. We felt that would be the best way to help those in need. Partnering with Texas Trophy Hunters Association we were able to expand our reach and give those on the north side of San Antonio a convenient drop off point as well. We made the announcement on Facebook, not knowing if we would even have any donations to deliver by the weeks end, and by weeks end, we and TTHA had collected so many donations we couldn't even take them all down to Aransas Pass/Rockport area at the same time!  

The amount of love and support we witnessed as people from all over San Antonio showed up to drop off their contributions to those who had suffered the great losses caused by Hurricane Harvey was amazing. The unity and rally to action shown by our Texas family was an example to our country of what it means to support and love each other in hard times. As the hashtag #TexasStrong emerged to set the tone of our great states recovery efforts, it couldn't have been more fitting. 

Here are some pics of our trip to Aransas Pass. By teaming up with Trinity Oaks Non Profit we were able to feed over 1,200 volunteers and locals in one day. We supplied Aransas Pass with two truck loads of donations, and cleared land for numerous families. We know there is much more to do, but with the help of all of our fellow Texans, we know that we will put the pieces back together and be stronger than ever! #TexasStrong


With all of the donations you all dropped off, we were able to take two truck loads to those Hurricane Harvey victims located in the Houston area, as well!