What to Look for in an Automatic Fish Feeder for Lakes

When you can automate, you automate. It's that simple. Why perform work you don't have to? Maintaining a healthy, well-stocked lake or pond takes work, and a lot of that work comes from feeding. Using an automatic fish feeder saves you a lot of effort, while at the same time ensuring that the feed is adequately distributed. When you’re looking to buy an automatic fish feeder for your lake, here is what to look?


When you invest in a fish feeder, you are looking to save time and energy. The fish feeder can only help when it's working properly. This means that you need a quality, American-made fish feeder that can handle the everyday workload you give it. That means accurate timers, durable throwers, and the ability to withstand all types of weather.


You don't want a fish feeder that simply drops the feed into the lake without giving it even distribution over the applicate site. You want one that can give the feed the distribution necessary to keep your stock as healthy as possible. Look for an air drive system with multiple distance settings, and directional units, to ensure proper feed distribution.


The food in your feeder is attractive to all kinds of critters, so you absolutely must have fish feeder that is varmint-proof. That will ensure the feed you paid for goes to your fish, and not unwanted pests. That means solid construction, by people who know what kind of animals the feeder has to be built to defend against.

An automatic fish feeder should not be a hassle to operate. You want a feeder that distributes the feed where you want it in you lake, at the precise time you want. You need a feeder built Texas tough. You need the All Season Feeders 100LB D.A.M. Fish Feeder, the absolute best feeder on the market. Order now or give us a call at (800) 841-1720 for more information.