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  • 2,000lb Electric Protein Evo
  • 2,000lb Electric Protein Evo

2,000lb Electric Protein Evo

$ 1,369.00



SKU: 765665202731

The 2,000lb Electric Pro Evo is a heavy duty protein feeder designed to keep varmints and rain out! Holding 2,000lbs of protein, this feeder is for those who are serious about supplemental feeding. Being electric, this feeder allows you to set specific feed times, regulating your feeding as you desire. 
The electrical components of this feeder are stored in an enclosed housing that ensures they will stay dry and out of the way of your animals. This is the most weather resistant and varmint resistant feeder on the market!
Feeder Includes:
• Evolved protein head design
• 2 Elongated sight glasses
• New lid for easy filling
• ASF Timer to regulate feeding
• Shut off gate for easy clean out

Feeder capacity determined by corn weight due to the various size and weight of protein. Because of this variation this feeder may hold up to 18.5% less than advertised capacity.
Made in Texas.

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