Directional Air Drive Unit Info


Unit is designed for small pellet, or no larger than ¼ round fish feed or corn.  It will spin up for about 1 second then proceed to feed until the final 2 seconds of feed time, basically a 10 second feed throw time will feed for about 7 seconds.


Feed not throwing:

  • Check battery
  • Check small motor operation
  • Check for feed bridging
  • Check for proper feed – small floating pellets and 3/16 round pellets


Big motor not running:

  • Check battery
  • Jumper motor straight to battery


Small motor not running:

  • Check for blockage
  • Jumper motor straight to battery – if it runs but feed wheel doesn’t move or if it is able to be stopped the gears are bad
  • If motor runs fine, the timer is bad


Feed Bridging:

  • Feed has too high of moisture content
  • Feed is too large
  • Galvanized angle in hopper needs to be removed, will not void warranty, either cut out or drill out rivets and seal holes