How to Assemble the ASF Barrel Buddy

The Barrel Buddy Unit Includes:

  • 12V EZ Timer
  • 12V Motor/Spinner Plate
  • 4 Anchor Pins
  • 4 Legs
  • 4 Barrel Brackets
  • 2” Hole Saw & Downspout
  • Hardware — Bolts, Nuts, Lock Washers, Standard Washers, Self Tapping Screws, and a Wing Bolt

Not Included:

  • 55 Gallon Barrel
  • Lid
  • Funnel
  • 12V Battery

Step 1:

Secure the door of the unit with the wing bolt.  (You will remove the wing bolt to open the door back up later.)

Step 2:

Insert the legs into the square holes on the bottom of the unit.  Line up the bolt holes on the top of the legs with the holes near the top of the unit along its outside edge.

Step 3:

Use a bolt, lock washer, standard washer, and thick washer to attach each barrel bracket to the unit, by inserting a bolt through the holes on the outside edge of the unit that you lined the legs up with.  The standard washer should be closest to the bracket, and the lock washer should be between the standard washer and the bolt head itself. The thick washer goes between the bracket and the unit. Make sure the bolts enter the threaded hole of each leg, so when the bolts are tightened, they secure the barrel brackets and legs to the unit. The “V” portion of each barrel bracket should be facing towards the center of the unit.

all seasons barrel buddy


Step 4:

Use the hole saw to cut a hole in the bottom of the barrel. (If the barrel you are using does not already have one) Use the deflector plate as a jig to make sure the hole is cut in the center of the barrel.

 Step 5:

Fold down the tabs on the edge of the deflector plate so that it sits flush with the rim on the bottom of the barrel.  Then, line the downspout and the deflector plate up with the hole on the bottom of the barrel, and attach the downspout using the self tapping screws. 

 Step 6:

Insert the funnel into the barrel and line it up with the hole on the bottom of the barrel. (If you are not adding a funnel to the barrel, move to Step 7)

Step 7:

Remove the door on the unit and install the feeder motor and spinner plate.

 Step 8:

Install the timer by plugging it into the plug connected to the motor.  Then hook the  positive and negative wires from the timer onto a 12V Battery.  Place the timer and battery inside the unit and secure the door. (Always remove the timer and battery before transporting the unit.)

Step 9:

Screw a bolt and a nut onto each of the barrel brackets with the nut situated on the inside of each bracket.

Step 10:

Place the barrel on the barrel brackets on top of the unit, and center it over the spinner plate. Tighten the bolts on the barrel brackets to secure the barrel to the unit. (Do not fully tighten the bolts until the hole in the bottom of the barrel is lined up and centered over the spinner plate.)


Step 11:

Anchor the unit down before filling it up with feed and leaving it unattended in the field.