Troubleshooting THE TIMER

Replace THE TIMER within 5yrs if it:

  • Short throws
  • Dumps feeder
  • Inoperable buttons
  • Bad screen
  • Timer is frozen
  • Red motor light stays on continuously

Normal conditions:

  • Solid battery blinking – this is the AA battery life; they are not needed for proper operation as they are only for saving time and settings when disconnected from 12v battery
  • Red motor light, this happens when the motor is operating
  • Timer flashes “FUSE”; the timer fuse needs to be replaced. If this happens again, then the motor needs to possibly be replaced, but it could be a harness or wire frays as well.

Removing scheduled time on Timer:

  • Take throw time duration all the way through 30 to 0 seconds

Battery needs replacing or a wall charge:  To see actual battery life, make sure the solar panel is not connected to battery or you will see full voltage during the daylight.

Common Signs of The Timer Deer Feeder Problems:

  • Battery voltage is under 9v
  • Timer vibrates or buzzes instead of throwing
  • Timer is showing in 6v while connected to 12v battery
  • Timer vibrates and motor light comes on with no motor operation
  • Graduated battery indicator (12v battery) at 2 or less bars
  • Slow or no motor operation with a proven motor