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  • 1,000lb Electric Protein Stand & Fill®

1,000lb Electric Protein Stand & Fill®

$ 899.00



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The 1,000lb Electric Stand & Fill Feeder™ maintains the quality and durability of our traditional protein feeders, while offering you a much safer way to fill your deer feeder, and regulate feed use! 



• ASF timer with motor speed control

• 12v solar

• 12v battery


Hand made in Texas.


• Perforated feed tray to keep feed fresh and dry
• Can feed up to 6 times a day
• Dispenses 12lbs of feed in 10 seconds
• Protein feeder head holds up to 75lbs of protein
• Skids for easy relocation
• Easy-access control unit located on the side
• Solar wires hidden so varmints cannot access them


1,000lb capacity

*Feeder capacity is determined by corn weight due to the various size and weight of protein. Because of this variation the feeder may hold up to 18.5% less than the advertised capacity.


Height: 67 inches

Width: 44 inches

Length: 50 inches

Weight: 200lbs

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