In the market for a new protein feeder? Check out our 600lb Electric Protein Stand & Fill® feeder!

  • 300lb Stand & Fill™ Broadcast
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300lb Stand & Fill™ Broadcast

$ 559.00



SKU: 765665990119

Stand & Fill Feeders™ maintain the quality and durability of our 300lb broadcast, while offering customers a much safer way to fill their feeder, from the ground, without ladders!
Feeder includes:
  • 12v Solar Panel
  • 12v battery
  • Approximately 5ft tall
  • Skids for easy relocation
  • Low profile design to allow easy filling
  • Hinged door w/lock pin for control unit access 
  • Built in bottom funnel to prevent feed from falling under the feeder 
  • Heavy duty cage to protect your feeder components from abuse of large animals and varmints

Made in Texas.

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